Terms and Conditions

/Terms and Conditions

Rental Fee Covers:

20m by 25m Marquee/Tent
7 Phase Air Conditioners
450 Armless Plastic Chairs
45 Round Banquet Tables
Vendors Tables
Changing Rooms
3 Male Service Toilets
4 Female Service Toilets
Convenient Parking

Our Terms of Use:


Each reservation is for a period of eight(8)h rs. At the expiration of this time, a 30 minutes grace period would be given after which clients must evacuate the hall completely or pay an additional surcharge.

  • 450 chairs & 45 Tables.
  • Patrons are expected to provide chair and table covers.
  • Cooking is not allowed in the premises of Hadassah Events place.

In the case of loss or damage to Hadassah event place property, the management’s assessment of the extent of damage or loss and valuation of same shall be final. In this regard, a caution refundable deposit in the amount to be determined by Hadassah Events Place is payable and must be paid while making payment for use of the hall.

Where no loss or damage occurs, the caution of deposit shall be returned after 3 working days and where there is a damage to the property, the net balance shall be payable. Where the assessed damage is in excess of the deposit, the function organizers (client) are liable to pay the shortfall. No request of refund shall be entertained except on presentation of the receipt evidencing the payment of the caution deposit.

  • Branding and banners are to be used only with the permission of the management of Hadassah Events place.
Reservation made Confirmation payment Balance payment
50% of the total amount of the use of hall 50% 50% (One month to the event date)


Payment can be made Online, through Bank Transfer or Cheques. Cheques will be accepted only if presented at least 10 days prior to event date and are subject to successful clearance, receipts will be issued after cheques have cleared. Cheques should be made payable to Hadassah Events Place.

Cancellation Cancellation Policy
Before 2 month to the event 15% of the standard charge for use of the hall not discounted or negotiated
1-30 days to the event 20% of the standard charge for use of the hall not discounted or negotiated

Postponement of events shall attract a penalty, however, if the events are subsequently cancelled, Penalties applicable to cancellation policy (sec 3 above) will apply.


Hadassah event Place reserves the right to terminate the contract without prejudice to its rights if:

  • The client fails to comply with or breaches the contract terms and conditions.
  • The client intends using the venue for an event other than the one specified in the contract.
  • The event may lead to breach of peace, acts of violence or possible damage to Hadassah event Place.
  • The event contravenes any legislation or statutory regulations.
  • The Hadassah event Place will retain any monies already paid.

Due to the nature of our hall, smoking in Hadassah Events Place is prohibited and the event organizer and / or owner Shall be completely responsible for any damage, that arises as a result of people flouting this rule during their functions.


Hadassah Events Place assumes no responsibility or liability for any items brought onto the premises.
This includes items being utilized by the host or attendees to a function. Hadassah event Place may where it deems it necessary, allow guests to provide their own security during events with no liability whatsoever to Hadassah event Place. Hadassah event Place has the final say on security arrangements.


Hadassah Events Place is not responsible and assumes no liability for items left on the premises prior to or following an event. But any item found after event will be kept.


Hadassah Events Place, its officers, employees and or contractors, will not be held responsible for any injury, loss, damage or costs of any nature whatsoever (including but not limited to the costs of legal action) suffered by the client (event organizer/ owner) arising out any cause whatsoever.
Any advice, recommendations or opinions given by third parties, agents or employees are given in good faith and will not give rise to claims to Hadassah Events Place.


It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that they are familiar with and comply with, the information contained in this contract. They are also responsible for ensuring that they, or any of their appointed agents, do not contravene any of the restrictions.


Organizer are to pay a refundable fee of 25,000


The event organizer and / or owner is required to comply with all existing safety and security legislation, which is enforced at Hadassah Events Place. The event organizer and / or owner is legally required to ensure the safe working practice of all their contractors and to ensure that no emergency exists, signage or equipment are covered or obstructed in any way and provide additional signage as and when required.


The detailS of this agreement with Hadassah Events Place is summarized as follows:

  • Payment of minimum of 50% to close booking and 50% one month before event date.
  • Cancellation / postponement policy (Refer to item 3 & 4 above)
  • Usage of our facility is restricted to eight(8) hours only but further access would be based on approval. (Refer to item 1)
  • Standard provision of a 20m by 25m Marquee / Tent
  • 7 phase Air Conditioners
  • Plastic chairs BASED ON BOOKING CAPACITY. (Refer to item 1)
  • Round banquet tables BASED ON BOOKING CAPACITY. (Refer to item 1)
  • Service point / vendors tables
  • Generators
  • Service toilets (Male & Female)
  • Changing rooms
  • Convenient parking


By making a booking on this website, the Customer acknowledges that he/she is electronically signing Hadassah Events Place Terms and Conditions and related documents and that it is a legally binding contractual agreement.

Booking on this website confirms the Customer has read and understood the Terms and Conditions above, and agrees to be bound by all documents.

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